WINTER 2019: Pre-Production on Album #3

It's been a long time since I posted an update here - nearly a year! 2019 has been really great overall, and it has involved a lot of beautiful life changes for me, including getting married, adopting two dogs and moving into a new house. Woof!


Over the last few months, I've finally been getting back on track with my original music, and I'm very excited to be in the midst of planning for my third album! There will be a lot of moving parts, with recording sessions currently being planned in three different cities. I will do my best to keep updating, posting and letting people know how things are moving along.

I will also be performing shows in the LA area at blue whale (January) and Sam First (February). Keep tabs on the "Shows" section of the website here as details are posted!


Additionally, I am starting a weekly Instagram series called "Mixed Meter Mondays", in which I play a groove that is created organically, but then turns out to be in mixed meters once numbers/labels are associated with it. I think the concept of playing music in mixed meters can sometimes get overblown, with the music accused of being either too "mathematical", or not musical enough. In reality, "mixed meters" is simply our way of quantifying rhythms and grooves that don't conform to what we consider "normal". Depending on your upbringing, certain meters feel more comfortable. For Americans, 4/4 is perhaps the most common meter. When a meter map starts to deviate from that pattern, it is considered "mixed" or "odd". But take, for example, Greek musicians playing in 11/8. They can find just as much comfort in that "odd" meter as Americans would find in 4/4. It's all relative. Music is music, whether it's odd or normal, mixed or homogenous.

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