SPRING 2018: Artform.Com, New Music & Upcoming Tours 

Hello friends! It's been a while since I updated this News blog, so before jumping into the new stuff, here are some quick highlights from the second half of 2017:

*succesful release shows for my album "Resonance" in NYC (Rockwood Music Hall) & LA (The Baked Potato)

*a video shoot with my buddies Andrew Nemr and Simon Yu that turned out to be one of my favorite artistic projects: "Because"

*various tours w/ Tortured Soul (Europe/South Africa), Natalia Lafourcade (USA) & Colbie Caillat (USA)

And now for what's on the horizon...


I recently linked up with a new website called Artform, which is the first crowd-funding platform I have ever taken part of. I was never very enthusiastic about Kickstarter, Indiegogo or the like. I've always felt that I needed to work hard enough to make money, which I could then use to finance my own projects, without being dependent on other people. Artform is similar to Patreon in that supporters donate on a monthly basis, harkening back to the concept of art patrons that was commonplace centuries ago. But Artform - which launches today, on March 10 - aims to be a more specialized platform than Patreon, by focusing specifically on artists and their unique creative work.

Because I have always taken pride in the fact that I finance my own work, I will always be hesitant to accept financial support from other people (although I am eternally grateful for the support). But over the years, as my sideman + arranging/copyist workflow has gotten busier, it has left me with less time and energy to invest in my own music and compositions. Therefore, I have joined with Artform in an effort to create a sense of accountability - from me to my supporters. If people are willing to support my artist fund, then my music becomes more than a side project that I squeeze in from time to time. I will owe a consistent stream of creative work to the people who have shown that they expect it from me. That relationship is something I find extremely valuable, and I am excited to see how it pans out going forward. First order of business - continue composing for the next studio album, which will hopefully be recorded by the end of the year.


And in that spirit, here is a video taken from a Baked Potato show in February 2018. This is the first live performance of a new song that I started writing in December, while on tour in the UK. Naturally, the working title is "camden 1".


I'll be hitting the road with some great artists over the next few months; full dates can be found in the "Shows" section of my site.

Brian Dunne (USA March 8-16)

Tortured Soul (Europe March 22-26)

Natalia Lafourcade (North America May 2-June 2)

Thanks as always for checking in!

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