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Frequently Asked Questions

The program is designed to be an eye-opening experience. Making a living playing music is not an easy task, and getting the right preparation is essential. This program prepares you for the real world.”

— Felix ('14)

What genres of music are covered? 

Any and all genres! Jazz, pop, R&B, hip hop, rock, fusion, Latin, free, world music and more – we cover it all.


Can I bring in my own original music?

Yes! Students are highly encouraged to bring their original compositions to TPM. Individual composition lessons can be added to spend time further developing your compositional and arranging skills.


How large are the ensembles? 

The basic ensembles will include two teacher-musicians – enough to complete a rhythm section. Additional teacher-musicians can be added by request. 


Can I choose which specific teacher-musicians are in my ensemble? 

Every effort will be made to accommodate teacher requests, but availability will be determined on a case-by-case basis. All of our teachers are working professionals, and their schedules vary throughout the year. 


Is the rehearsal schedule flexible? 

Absolutely. Ideally, the rehearsals and the sessions will be scheduled at least a week apart from each other, to allow time for the students to practice and prepare. If students would like to book additional individual coaching sessions in-between rehearsals, the schedule can be adjusted accordingly. 


Are there any discounts offered for buying multiple packages? 

Yes – please inquire for more information. 


Can I release the recordings, post them online or use them for promotion? 

If you are interested in using the recordings for anything other than personal enjoyment / study, an additional fee will be required. There are certain exceptions, such as college audition tapes. Please inquire for more information.

“After graduating from The Collective School of Music, I started working with many different artists in the New York scene. It didn't take very long to realize how much my APP2 Program experience would help me as I continued my career as a professional musician.””

— Luca ('16)